CZ_41-After_Party-Bikini_Contest-72dpiWylde Style Promo Model Bikini Contest & Casting Call

Saturday, July 23, 2016 immediately following CageZilla 41, in conjunction with Saved by the Belle 90s Retro Dance Party


All contestants that pre-register get two tickets to CageZilla 41.  Click here to pre-register

1st- $300 Cash + 1 Year Modeling Contract with Wylde Style worth $1,800 Cash

2nd-$200 Cash

3rd- $100 Cash

4th & 5th- $50 Cash

Contest Rules

Wylde Style Promo Model Bikini Contest & Casting Call


The Wylde Style Promo Model Bikini Contest & Casting Call (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”) is a competition to be held at PrimeTime Sports Bar & Grille (hereinafter referred to as “Venue”) for models (hereinafter referred to as “Model” or “Models”) to become Official Wylde Style Promo Models, Cage Girls, Street Team Members, Brand Ambassadors, etc in association with Wylde Style Productions and its parent company, subsidiaries and/or affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Promoters”).  If selected, contestants and winners will have the opportunity to do free-lance or exclusive contract work with Promoters at future events, photo shoots, promo modeling assignments and other modeling opportunities.  Top FIVE winners of  will receive cash prizes and other non-monetary prizes, overall winner will receive a One Year Modeling Contract as a Wylde Style Promo Model and all contestants will receive non-monetary prizes for entering contest.


Contest Rules

Contestants MUST:

  • read and abide by the rules set forth by Promoter
  • pre-qualify to become a contestant by:
    • pre-registering online by clicking here
    • pre-registering by 9 PM at contest Venue
  • be at Venue by 9:30 PM to check-in if you have pre-registered online
  • be at least 18 to enter contest but if 18-20 years old:
    • CANNOT drink ANY alcohol before entering Venue
    • CANNOT drink or ask to be served ANY alcohol on Venue premises
    • MUST leave at conclusion of announcement of winners
    • WILL be disqualified and asked to leave IMMEDIATELY from contest for violating ANY of these preceding rules
  • obey all Federal, State, and local laws, especially as pertains to VA ABC and lewd conduct and nudity laws
  • obey Venue and Promoters’ staff regarding rules and conduct for the contest, and rules and conduct for Venue
  • have appropriate attire for Contest and to enjoy the evening
  • wear under-garments as necessary to prevent accidental exposure of any portion of the genitals, pubic hair or anus, or any portion of the areola of the breast
  • wear shoes inside the venue


Contestants MUST NOT:

  • get intoxicated
  • portray any real or simulated act of sexual intercourse, sodomy, masturbation, flagellation or any other sexual act prohibited by law
  • fondle or caress their own or another’s breast, genitals or buttocks
  • expose any portion of the genitals, pubic hair or anus, or any portion of the areola of the breast
  • encourage, entice, or entreat others to drink
  • break any Federal, State, or Local laws, especially as pertains to VA ABC and lewd conduct and nudity laws
  • use profanity
  • collude with any judges


Contest Format

Round One:
At 10 PM or time designated by Promoters, all contestants will gather in an area designated by Promoters and then form a line in an order determined by Promoters in their First Round “clubbing” clothes  (“Clubbing” clothes are outfits that you would wear if you were to go out to a nice club in  DC or other metropolitan area).  All contestants will then be escorted by Promoters’ representative together in an orderly line to the stage or cage.  All contestants will be on stage at the same time for Round One.  The DJ will play music that you may dance to (in compliance with the above mentioned rules), strike poses to, or do whatever you choose as long as you follow the rules set forth above.  This is the time when the judges will judge their first impression of each of you, so do what you think will give them a good first impression but do not be raunchy.  Again, keep in mind that all rules must be followed.  When the MC tells contestants to go back to change they will then be escorted off the stage by Promoters’ representative back to a designated area for a short intermission and so that you can change into your outfits/bikinis.  Any outfits supplied by Promoters are to be returned to Promoters at the conclusion of the contest.

Round Two:
After returning to the designated area to change into bikinis, Round Two will begin.  Round Two will have contestants dressed in bikinis and they will be called individually to the stage or show area holding ring card above their head, walk around the stage or show area one time (passing by crowd and judges while stopping periodically and turning 360 degrees) while still holding the Round Card above their head.  Contestant will then return back to the designated dressing area.  This process will continue until all contestants have completed Round Two.  There will be a short intermission so that judges’ sheets can be tallied and TOP FIVE determined.
Round Three/Announcement of Winners:
After a short intermission, the TOP FIVE will then be called back onto the stage by name individually in random order.  Contestants should remain in their bikinis until the announcement of TOP FIVE Contestants.  Contestants not in the TOP FIVE may then change into their “club clothes” and will receive any participation prizes.  MC will do a short interview with each TOP FIVE Contestant as they are called out individually.  Once finished with interview the Contestant will make one more pass in front of the crowd and judges.  Once all TOP FIVE Contestants have completed their interview they will return to the designated dressing area while final judges’ score sheets are tallied.  The MC will then call TOP FIVE Contestants to the stage individually by name in same order they were introduced in at beginning of Round 3.  All TOP FIVE Contestants will remain on stage together for announcement of winners.  MC will announce winners in this order: 4th and 5th place together, 3rd Place, then 2nd Place, and then the 1st Place Winner.  Then all contestants will be led off stage by Promoters’ representative back to the designated area to change.  Winners will be awarded prizes pursuant to rules at the end of the evening.

Judging will be done by either Promoters, special celebrity/VIP judges selected by Promoters, judges selected at random by a raffle drawing, or a combination of these judges.  Celebrity/VIP judges will be actual local celebrities, VIPs, or athletes and every effort will be made to assure that these judges are not familiar with any of the contestants.  However, we cannot guarantee this as of course many of the area’s hottest women hang out at or even with some of the area’s VIPs.  If it is known that one or more judges are familiar with a contestant, we will try to accommodate the situation as best as possible.  We will also have enough judges so that any perceived bias can be counteracted by the other judges.  Also, because the raffle judge drawing is random, we will have no control over who is selected.  Again, we cannot guarantee that a randomly selected judge will not know any contest but we will try to accommodate the situation as best as possible.  Judges will judge each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.  The categories they will judge on are: First Impression, Body, Poise, and Crowd Response.  The scores for each category will be added together for a total score.  Bonus points will be given for ladies that are dressed in 90s style clothing and/or bikinis as the theme party that night is a 90s party.  The total score is what will be counted for each contestant to determine winners.  The highest possible total score for a contestant from one judge is 40.  Judges’ sheets will be anonymous but any contestant requesting to see the sheets at the conclusion of the contest will be allowed to see them to ensure that everything has been done fairly and correctly.  EVERY effort is and will be made so that this is one of the fairest contests you will ever enter.

Awarding of Prizes:
Only the top five contestants will be awarded Cash Prizes.  Overall winner will also be awarded a One Year Modeling Contract.  This contract will guarantee model to receive at least one Modeling assignment per month for a year.  Model will be paid $150 per event for a 2-4 hour event.  All contestants that pre-register will receive two free tickets to CageZilla 41 held at Silver Eagle Group, 44620 Guilford Dr, Ashburn, VA earlier in the night before the Contest.  We will attempt to have other consolation prizes but cannot guarantee that this will happen.  Prizes will be awarded to contestants in the amounts to be determined prior to the beginning of any contest(s).  Also, this contest is not only for one night’s entertainment and is being held to try to find the area’s hottest girls to become Promo Models for Promoters.  Therefore, all contestants will be considered for jobs with Promoters as Cage Girls, street team members, VIP hostesses, Brand Ambassadors, Promo Models and other modeling assignments.  Promoters reserve the right to offer as many or as few of the contestants as it chooses jobs with Promoters to be Cage Girls or other positions.  Any contestants may accept or deny these offers.  Contestants and Models will be paid at the conclusion of events by cash or company check.